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Foreign exchange (also known as "FOREX" or "FX") trading, also known as the currency transaction, is an over-the-counter (Over-The-Counter) the operation of the market, which means the market there is no actual delivery place, this means the investors trade, trade is not transmitted through the exchange. In a foreign exchange transaction, the trader at the same time in buying one currency and selling another currency, which sell currency for buying the currency. The foreign exchange market average daily trading volume amounted to $5, therefore, until today, the foreign exchange market is the world's largest and most active financial market. For investors, the special advantages of the foreign exchange market in financial markets or tools and other types of more attractive.

Foreign exchange transactions in the form of currency, such as the euro against the dollar (EUR/USD), or the dollar yen (USD/JPY). And the stock or futures, foreign exchange transactions do not need a centralized trading venues, modern online trading technology all foreign exchange transactions through the global network, the banks, financial institutions, and individual foreign exchange traders together, for international currency trading. It also means that traders may at any time, any place, only the network of China Unicom, can conduct foreign exchange.

Open from 10 p.m. GMT on Sunday to Friday 10 PM 24 hours. The day began in Sydney, then the Tokyo market, London market and New York market turns to open, a trader can according to the living habits free transaction time.

The daily global foreign exchange market trading volume comes from two parts:

Foreign trade (5% of GDP). By the enterprise in country other than to buy or sell goods, and then converted back to domestic currency and profit.

To profit for the purpose of speculative trading (95% of GDP).

The price of money is the reflection of the relationship between supply and demand balance of currency. Two main factors influencing the demand and supply of money, interest and currency of the country in which the overall economic situation. Fundamental indicators, such as foreign investment, PPI, CPI, GDP, reflects the overall economic situation of the country, is also a factor to change the currency supply and demand.

With the diversification of the rapid development of information technology and cyber source and application of the advanced hardware facilities, more make the computer terminal through the foreign exchange market, has the characteristics of high transparency and fair.

The foreign exchange market of large trading volume and information transparency, all market participants are synchronized access to information and data on the market, thus eliminates the possibility of speculation and insider trading, even if central banks are not susceptible to long-term market intervention. In addition, the foreign exchange market the market mechanism is open 24 hours, the first time for all participants in any major news release in response to market trends.

The main participants of the FX market including the global central banks, commercial and investment banks, brokers, dealers, import and export business, multinational companies, fund companies, speculative traders etc..

*High Risk Investment Warning

Margined foreign exchange, CFD or spread trading involves high risk and may not be suitable for all investors.

Situation that may arise, including some or all of your deposited funds suffered losses, so you will not be able to bear the loss should not speculate with capital.

Fairfield deciding to trade the products offered, you should carefully consider your investment objectives, financial situation, needs and trading experience.

Should be aware of all the risks associated margin trading.

Fairfield provides general recommendations without regard to your investment objectives, financial situation or needs.

Fairfield recommend you seek advice from an independent financial adviser.

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