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Trading Notes FAQ

1、how long it takes to open a real account can be done?
Within 48 hours, generally within 12 hours.

2、Open real account age requirements?
Not less than 18 years old and not more than 60 years.

3、 Open real account to deposit a minimum amount of money?
Open real account is not required to deposit funds, if you are trading and because of the need to deposit funds, then recommend the funds of not less than $ 1,000.

4、 can open multiple real accounts?
If you have funds in each account, it will not be the number of restricted, under normal circumstances, can have only two per person.

5、 Account will charge a fee or commission?
Whether you are opening a demo account or a real account, do not require any fees.

6、 How to modify personal information and account information
You can go to "Account Form" in the download "Customer Information Change Request Form", fill scan to us.


7、There are ways in which you can deposit or withdraw funds?
For details, please refer to "capital access."

8、 funds deposited and extraction time is how long?
According to the currency you deposit or withdraw the different processes and procedures related to the bank, generally 1-5 working days to processing is complete, if you're in a hurry, you can expedited processing.

9、 deposit and withdraw funds charge?
You deposit or withdraw funds, we do not charge any fees, but due to remittance, bank and currency differences may cause you to a certain fee expense details, please refer to "capital access."

10、 Account still open whether the order can withdraw funds?
Sure, but when processing your account surplus must be greater than the net margin has been used, and give account of orders tremendous risk, we recommend that you do not do this.

11、 Accept third party payments and capital to extract it?
Sorry, in order to comply with international anti-money laundering regulations, the Bank can only access your own money, and do not accept third party.

12、Overdraft credit card cash withdrawal count it?
Credit card payment is calculated as ordinary shopping, do not need to pay cash withdrawal fees and related interest rates.

13、 I forgot my password how to do?
You use your e-mail account to send us a message, include your name, account number, along with words to reset the password.

14、 Why is floating point difference?
Because we are a leading international stp / ecn quotation system and trading technology. All quotes are provided by banks between commodities market, the price will vary with fluctuations in the market, to provide smaller traders transaction costs, and stable, transparent from. Floating-point difference has now become an international financial market practice to use the spread.

15、 Why Spreads sometimes volatile or small
Because we offer system from banks, generally in relatively light trading, it is hard to match to the same hedging orders, the bank may spread to widen to maintain transaction costs and risks; while the transaction is generally more intense when the bank may narrowing spreads to provide convenience to traders.

16、 What is called forced liquidation?
When dividing net account has fallen below a certain percentage of the proportional margin, trading orders will be automatically closed out by the system.

17、 Lock how buckle margin?
If you trade orders in the opposite direction, so that you only receive a maximum transaction amount corresponding to the margin in that direction.

18、Leverage ratio is the number, you can modify it?
The initial default is 100 times the leverage ratio, after you meet certain conditions can go to "Account Form" in the download "Customer Information Change Request Form", fill scan to us. Forex modified adjusted up to 500 times leverage, other commodities up to 100 times.

19、Trading Hours
Monday to Saturday 5:00 am 5:00.

20、Overnight Interest
Overnight interest banks charge each trading halt late in the weekend overnight market interest in Beijing on Wednesday to stop late charge, as banks frequently updated, please check the specific interest in the property in the goods.

*High Risk Investment Warning

Margined foreign exchange, CFD or spread trading involves high risk and may not be suitable for all investors.

Situation that may arise, including some or all of your deposited funds suffered losses, so you will not be able to bear the loss should not speculate with capital.

Fairfield deciding to trade the products offered, you should carefully consider your investment objectives, financial situation, needs and trading experience.

Should be aware of all the risks associated margin trading.

Fairfield provides general recommendations without regard to your investment objectives, financial situation or needs.

Fairfield recommend you seek advice from an independent financial adviser.

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