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The STP/ ECN system and transaction technology leading international Fairfield trading platform. All products are from the market price, the price will change along with the market volatility, trading cost less to traders, and stable, transparent. The platform of all customer orders will be sent directly to the international multinational bank through the system automatically match the first time executed. STP firms do not participate in the specific foreign exchange transactions, but to provide direct access to the real foreign exchange market channels for traders. And the choice of STP brokerage meaning is more straight through processing can improve the speed of execution of orders to maximize and reduce the possibility of third party intervention operation.

Fairfield trading platform brings together all the participants in a transaction request and the customer orders are connected to the public the interbank market. Traders in the platform counterparties are the world's main foreign exchange bank, financial institutions and individual investors. In the Fairfield trading platform interface, traders can conveniently browse all the bidding price target products and choose the most suitable contracts.

Fairfield uses no dealing desk (NDD) execution mode, traders do not need to worry his "whereabouts" monitored. Traders when to enter or performs a specific operation, will not have a "special" this track, not to "internal digestion" traders place an order instruction, on the contrary, all platform system orders are performed automatically by the ECN electronic network to anonymously first time.

Fairfield trading platform 100% orders executed automatically, platform performance more stable, faster order execution efficiency, price fluctuation is relatively frequent, conducive to the ultra short term traders operating.


*High Risk Investment Warning

Margined foreign exchange, CFD or spread trading involves high risk and may not be suitable for all investors.

Situation that may arise, including some or all of your deposited funds suffered losses, so you will not be able to bear the loss should not speculate with capital.

Fairfield deciding to trade the products offered, you should carefully consider your investment objectives, financial situation, needs and trading experience.

Should be aware of all the risks associated margin trading.

Fairfield provides general recommendations without regard to your investment objectives, financial situation or needs.

Fairfield recommend you seek advice from an independent financial adviser.

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